Good afternoon, 


I want to thank everyone that attended our Parent/Parishioner meeting this past Wednesday. Fr. Matt and I were extremely pleased with the turnout and the response we have been receiving as our plan for next year continues. I also want to thank the Office of Catholic Schools for their presentation that evening as well.


As you can see in the subject line, beginning with this email, my Friday emails will only concentrate on  ‘Multiage/Ability based’ facts you need to know. I will address several key points each week. My biggest request right now is that you talk to me. Call me, stop in, make an appointment. Your input is one of the biggest aspects needed to make this transition and program a success. The facts or statements listed are in no particular order but are components that defines the multiage classroom. So, here we go.


  1. Now that the introductory meeting has taken place, Fr. Matt and I are planning several (or however many it will take) meetings for our parents/parishioners to explain specific details of the new program. Our goal is to see every family represented at least one time during these presentations. Teachers, administrators and potentially pastors from St. Thomas in Philo and Holy Cross in Mendota will sit on panels providing insights, answering questions and conversing with you on topics important to you. The dates will be announced.
  2. Ability Grouping – When a classroom has ‘Ability Grouping’ it means students are worked with at the level where they need the most help or where they are challenged beyond the class’s current material. This is a ‘Student Driven’ model.  No student will be taken out of their class and put into a different class for that subject. All work is done within their assigned classroom driven by the teacher. Ex. an advanced 3rd grade student is not placed in a 5th grade room for that subject. The material is brought to them in the 3rd grade room. Likewise, a struggling student is not placed in a lower grade to accommodate. The work is brought to them.
  3. Our ‘Specials‘ will remain in tact – Physical Education, Music, Art, Band, Computer class, library. Our athletic program will remain in tact. 
  4. Our classroom groupings are: Preschool will be a stand alone class, Kindergarten will be a stand alone class,  1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 will be grouped accordingly. 
  5. We have had multiage concepts in our school for at least 7 years and longer; 3rd & 4th grade classroom, Preschool, Kindergarten, Band, Music, Art, Physical Education, Athletic teams, Computers, Blessed Buddies are all multiage groupings. 
  6. Next week: Aid program, testing data, social emotional development, marketing
  7. If you have any questions after reading this information, please do not hesitate to call me. Please do not assume anything is fact unless you hear it directly from Fr. Matt, the staff or me. Your input, questions and suggestions actually saves time and adds clarity to the project.


Have a Blessed and safe weekend!



Mr. Domico