In this week’s Friday Facts I will address the teachers/staffing and aids component of the new program. At this time our teachers will be visiting either St. Thomas in Philo or Holy Cross in Mendota to observe a multiage classroom in real time. The knowledge gained from these visits adds to insights for the teachers on a number of different levels.


STAFFING – No staffing decisions have been made at this time. As we move forward staffing is the highest priority we are addressing, and, our teachers will be informed as to their positions at the soonest possible time. I am very aware that you as parents see the staffing as a priority as well. I will inform all parents immediately after the teachers have been notified.


AIDES – The concept of an aide or aides in the building will be developed and implemented as needed. Aides are used in cases where students needing extra attention on any level, as specified by the teacher, are worked with separately either in or out of the classroom, i. e. tutoring, testing, MAP interventions. There will not be an aide in every room. As our program matures we will constantly evaluate where the aides are needed.



NEXT STEPS/INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS – One of the next steps for our parents and parishioners is to set the first of several meetings with teachers from St. Thomas and Holy Cross (multiage schools). The goal of these meetings is to answer your questions, listen to their experiences as it pertains to their respective classrooms and converse as needed. We will address specific classroom concepts as it relates to St. Edward classrooms as well. I ask that all of our parents attend at least one of these meetings as we progress.  Times and dates will be announced as soon as possible.


Please remember we must:



Implement, &

have a spirit of

Self – renewal


Next week’s topics will include: Testing data, MAP assessment and social emotional development in a multiage classroom setting.