Good afternoon,


I apologize for not sending this email yesterday. I have two topics I would like to address this week.


  1. I was asked a very important question/concern this past week by a parent of a junior high school student. The parent stated that several parents were concerned that the structure of the junior high would have one teacher teaching all of the subjects; that based on how advanced our junior high school curriculum is, how would the subjects be covered with the same expertise?

First of all, I am very grateful that our parent came in and communicated a concern about our new program. Great job! Thank you!

  • I am pleased to report that, in principle, one junior high teacher assignment will be responsible for Math and Science. One junior high teacher will be assigned Language Arts and Social Studies. The junior high school students will change classes as usual. Frequency will be dictated by how the schedule is structured. The format of the junior high school curriculum, although modified, remains in a departmentalized, and now multi-aged concept. As of this email, I am very excited about how the structure of the master schedule looks. With input from our staff we will consistently review the schedule and program to optimize our time, educational approach and eventual outcomes.
  1. I am providing a sample ‘Belief’ statement taken from a grade school. Every school has belief and vision statements as a matter of policy attached to their respective schools. I am asking that you consider contributing to our new belief statement. Our Education Commission will also be involved.

*Regarding students and learning, we believe:

All students can learn ·

Success is earned through achievement. ·

Learners progress at different paces and learn in a variety of ways. ·

Students need to feel valued, safe and be part of a group.


*Regarding teachers and teaching, we believe: ·

Teachers build relationships that engage students in learning. ·

Teachers are dedicated/innovative, enthusiastic lifelong learners.

*Regarding learning communities, we believe: ·

Parents are the students’ first teachers. ·

Interactive communication fosters community support. ·

Community partnerships are essential. ·

Our learning community provides a sense of family



Thank you very much for taking the time to read this latest information. As usual, please communicate with me on any matter and I invite you to call me with any comments, concerns or questions you may have.


Next week: Social – Emotional development and how it effects learning in the classroom.


Take care and God Bless!


Mr. Domico