Greetings everyone,


For this week’s discussion, I would like to discuss the concepts of ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Instruction.’ As an educator these two terms are often used together when describing the educational structure of a classroom and school.


I would like to properly define the definition of ‘Curriculum and Instruction.’ Properly framed and understood, and in a MULTIAGE setting, we now have a wonderful opportunity to broaden every student’s depth of knowledge in every subject.


What is the definition of Curriculum? Some people think curriculum means content. That’s the material in the books. To others, curriculum means having alignment with a series of books throughout the school; a math series (curriculum), a social studies curriculum. In simpler terms, Curriculum means what students have the opportunity to learn in school, and, have the opportunity to learn in their individual classes that goes far beyond traditional content (books). Multiage classes create the perfect environment for students to use more research, explore with creativity and curiosity.


What is the definition of Instruction? Instruction means is a deliberate and meaningful attempt to assist or help students grow. However, instruction is also dependent on the teacher; their actions, words, their outward display of caring and nurturing all of the students in the class. St. Edward is blessed with a teaching staff that ‘models’ all of these traits on a daily basis. In addition, our teachers are allowed to teach the tenets of a number of Christian values such as; charity, honesty, love, patience, respect, and kindness as a matter of course. The collective traits described above is what makes St. Edward a very special and unique place.


The main educational point for today’s discussion is to create an excitement, that as highly academic as St. Edward is, your child will be entering a classroom, that with guidance from their teacher, will have more educational resources available to them. The student will have more opportunities to learn, explore, teach, and create. Ultimately, each student’s background knowledge will be enhanced and all of our students graduating St. Edward will be prepared on an even higher plain. Their understanding of applying what they have learned to real life experiences will be clear and make sense. The potential for all of these educational gains means success for every student in every class.


I invite you to ask any questions you may have regarding our new format. I will certainly address and help clarify your questions through these emails or I will call you directly.


Take care and may God Bless you and your family,


Mr. Domico