St. Edward Catholic School 

 Developing students for a faith filled and academically successful future since 1960 

1221 N. Fifth Street, Chillicothe, Illinois 61523 

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            Office Hours: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM  School Hours: 7:35 AM – 2:25 PM 

 Pearce Aftercare 2:25PM – 5:00 PM 


Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students. 


October 2021 

Jaguar Newsletter 


Our new website is up and running Check it out! We will be linking our activities, organizations, announcements and general information at the click of a button. The All School/Parish Calendar is posted on our St. Edward School website.  Please refer to this calendar for all events and activities. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. 


If you would like to post an event or activity on our calendar, please call our school office at 274-2994. 




K – 8th Grade Dress Code 

I would like to thank everyone for adhering to the uniform dress code. The students look great and are complying with the rules for the Dress Down Days and the Blessed Buddy Days as well! Great Job! 


NOTE: Beginning November 1st shorts are no longer allowed as part of the formal uniform. 


Reminders: All socks must be a solid color. High boots, shoes with lights, sandals/flip – flops are not allowed. Tights/leggings are not to be worn as pants. They may be worn under the uniform skirts. Please check our handbook for allowable colors and uniform details. 




Congratulations to our new Student Council members 

President: Evie Crothers 

Vice-President: Gaby Murphy 

Secretary: Tony Sposito & Jacob Wallenfang 

Treasurer: Norah Skalet 


8th Grade Representatives: Bruce Sparfven, Alan Pham 

7th Grade Representatives: Ava Carroll, Sophie O’Brien 

6th Grade Representatives: Kyle Bushell, Lucie McAllister 

5th Grade Representatives: Henry Skalet, Piper Carroll 



What’s New! 




We are now using the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) for all students in grades K through 8. 

 This assessment will be administered three (3) times per year to determine teaching approaches leading to academic growth for all students. Results will be available when we near Parent/Teacher Conferences. 




As we move into the school year we will be practicing fire drills, intruder drills, evacuation and tornado drills. The fire, evacuation and intruder drills will involve the Chillicothe Fire and Police Departments. 

 We had our first fire drill with the fire department several weeks ago. We were prepared and our students did an excellent job in following directions. Please note, I will inform everyone when our intruder drill will take place.  




Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th and Wednesday, October 27th. Signups will be done through our Option C system. Information on how to sign up will be sent home with your child and sent as an attachment on our OptionC emails. 


‘New Family’ Mentor Program 

 Our ‘New Family’ Mentor Program is up and running. All of our new families will be receiving a phone call from the mentors named in your letter. Our goal is to welcome all new families in the spirit St. Edward is known for. 



We continue to be proactive in promoting as many extra-curricular activities as possible. This includes cooping where feasible, giving all of our students the best opportunity to participate and compete. 



 Our major points of interest and improvements include: 

  • Our new website is in place. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. This new site will ultimately be very competitive in the school website marketplace. 
  • With the help of parents, all of the lightbulbs have been replaced in the school and Parish Hall. This could be a cost savings of as much as 55%. 
  • We are planning a week of activities beginning the week of November 14th, calling this project ‘Discover St. Edward.’ More information to come. 
  • I want to thank the donation that allowed the instillation of the new sound panels in the gym. This should make an appreciable difference in noise reduction during events. 
  • The Parents Club is up and running. Thanks to all that have been participating at meetings and volunteering.  
  • Our latest ‘Jaguar Appeal’ program netted our school and Parish approximately $55,000.00. A terrific campaign assisting in various programs on campus. 
  • Our ‘Invest in Kids Act’ program netted approximately $13,000.00 for tuition assistance. 
  • Our enrollment grew by 18 students from one year ago. Last year our enrollment including preschool was 101 students. This year, 119. Great job everyone. 
  • Our school is going to be featured in the NCEA national magazine; The Momentum. The focus is on our Multiage Classroom program. 
  • Take care and God Bless! 


Mr. Domico