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Office Hours: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

School Hours: 7:45 AM – 2:25 PM

Pearce Aftercare Program 2:25PM – 5:00 PM

Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.




Welcome to ‘Discover St. Edward’ month


The All School/Parish Calendars are posted on our St. Edward Catholic School +website.  Please refer to this calendar for all events and activities. If you would like to post an event or activity on our calendar, please call our school office at 274-2994.


Important Events

Office of Catholic Schools visit – Monday, November 8

Blessed Buddy Day – Theme: Flannel Shirt Day – Friday, November 12

OPEN HOUSE – Thursday, November 18 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Our current families and those families interested in enrolling at St. Edward are invited to attend. It’s time to shine! Spread the word! Registration information will be available.

Monday, November 22 – Free Thanksgiving lunch for all students and staff. Barrack’s Cater Inn will be catering the meal, which includes: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Homemade Gravy, Sweet Corn Casserole, Fruit-Jello

Tuesday, November 23 – All School Mass and early release – Mass at 8:45 a. m. School will be dismissed at 11:30 a. m. for Thanksgiving vacation.

Monday, November 29 – School resumes

Scholastic Book Fair opens – Times TBA


St. Edward Catholic School

First Quarter Honor Roll

Grades 5 – 8     2021 – 2022








Ava Suffern

Jacob Wallenfang



Norah Skalet




HONOR ROLL – ALL ‘A’s & ‘B’s’



Olivia White



Annalise Bennett

Kyle Bushell

Sasha Gehrig

Lucie McAllister

Clare Rupiper

Megan Zerfass




Evie Crothers

Gabby Griffith

Gaby Murphy



Sam Griggs

Alan Pham



Congratulations to all students on a job well done!!






Any person entering the school building to visit a teacher, child, bring a lunch, etc. must sign in at the office. All visitors must wear a MASK, VISITORS/VOLUNTEER BADGE during your stay. St. Edward Catholic School administration reserves the right to deny visitation due to health department protocol.


St. Edward Catholic School administration reserves the right to designate special days when parents, including non-custodial parents, grandparents, or others may visit with the students during school, cafeteria luncheon, or similar events.  Lunch in the cafeteria with students must be cleared by Mr. Domico.  If you are dropping off a lunch for your child, please make sure it has their name on it and leave it in the office.  We will deliver the lunch at the proper time.


Parents are welcome to visit classrooms, but should make an appointment ahead of time with the classroom teacher and principal.  If parents wish to have a conference with a teacher, they should call the school to schedule an appointment.


As of November 1st shorts are no longer permitted in school as per handbook regulations. Leggings may be worn under jumpers. With cold weather in the picture, the only allowable sweatshirt that may be worn in the classroom and/or church is the navy blue sweatshirt with the Cross & Crown.


Please check the daily weather forecast. We will be taking the students outside for recess weather permitting. 30 degrees is a guideline in determining whether we stay in or go out. All of this depends on wind, rain, snow, and any condition that would jeopardize student health and safety.


Study Tips!


Students at all grade levels need to develop study skills and habits. Studying is a skill children will need throughout their years in school. Help your child study more efficiently with these few suggestions:


  • Homework: Homework is assigned in every class. Our philosophy concerning homework is that homework is an extension of class work not finished during the class time. In calculated measures, homework should not require excessive amounts of time in the evening. If the time seems excessive to you, please give us a call and we will assist you in clarifying the process.
  • If your child is ill, picking up homework eases the homework work load the following day.
  • If your child has questions about homework, teachers are available before and after school to get questions answered.
  • Always check in with OptionC to keep up to date on assignments and projects.
  • You may always contact teachers by email and/or call to set up an appointment to meet.
  • When tests/projects are assigned ahead of time, encourage your child to treat studying as a daily assignment, not just something they do the night prior to a test. For example, they might study 20 minutes every night for a spelling test on Friday. After they finish their regular homework, they can spend a little more time reviewing notes and handouts.
  • When your child has a chapter to study, have them preview it to increase their understanding. They should glance over headings, graphics, photographs, etc.
  • Have your child review information in different ways. They will be more likely to remember it. Make home-made flash cards and shuffle them (great for spelling words and math facts) and study them in a different order each time. Creating games to help with understanding, comprehension, retention is wonderful. Having words or numbers in different colors helps as well.
  • Always keep in mind our teachers are available to help every child and assist in providing individual attention for every child. Children learn at different rates. Our teachers are aware of this fact and will work with you and the student to keep your child up to date. Pearce Community Center has a tutoring program. Please call them for information.

Aspen Publishers



Invest in Kids Act


The ‘Invest in Kids Act’ through the Empower Illinois foundation is a program that allows anyone paying Illinois State Income tax to donate directly to St. Edward. By donating directly to St. Edward, you would receive a 75% tax credit on your state taxes. As an example: If you owe the state $1,000.00 in state tax, you donate that to St. Edward. When it comes time for you to file your taxes, you will receive a $750.00 credit on your taxes. So you only pay the state $250.00.


  • This is truly a win-win. Your tax money goes directly to St. Edward and not the state.
  • This is not a state sponsored program. Empower Illinois governs this entire process
  • The money is used specifically for tuition assistance.


Announcing Reservation Night 2022!

IF YOU ARE GOING APPLY FOR TUITION ASSISTANCE FOR NEXT YEAR: Mark your calendars! Reservations for a 2022-2023 tax credit scholarship will open Wednesday, January 12 at 6:30pm.

Like previous years, the reservation will be a two-step process. At 6:30pm, the reservation form will open, giving families time to enter their information before submission at 7pm. Once families reserve their time stamp, they will receive an email to log into their EmpowerXChange portal and complete the application when it opens on Friday, January 14.

Keep an eye on subsequent newsletters for updated resources. In the meantime, please direct any questions to our helpline (800-616-7606, [email protected]).

November 30: Last Day to Donate this School Year

** If you want your gift to count towards scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year, their donation must be made by November 30. Donations made in December will help fund 2022-2023 scholarships, but still qualify for a 2021 state tax credit.

December 15: Application Deadline for 2021-2022 School Year

Families must complete their 2021-2022 tax credit scholarship application by December 15 to receive an award this school year.

December 31: Last Day to Donate this Year

December 31 is the last day donors can receive a 75% tax credit on their 2021 TCS gift. However, we hope you will encourage your donors to give as early as possible to allow our team ample time for processing, especially gifts via check, which we ask be mailed by December 20.

Holiday Helpline Hours

As we approach the holiday season, our helpline hours will be adjusted on certain days. Please see the schedule below outlining our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years hours. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Thursday, November 25 – closed

Friday, November 26 – closed

Tuesday, November 30 – 8am to 7pm

Friday, December 24 – 8am to 12pm

Friday, December 31 – 11am to 7pm (Donor Helpline only)




John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship Information


The John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship is an endowment fund established as a result of the Diocese of Peoria ROOTED IN FAITH Campaign and named in honor of Archbishop Spalding, the first Bishop of Peoria.

Tuition assistance scholarship grants will be available for the 2022 – 2023 school year to students enrolled in / intending to enroll in grades kindergarten through 12 in any Catholic school located in the Diocese of Peoria whose families are members of a Catholic parish in the diocese. All grants will be based on financial need objectively assessed. Information about the grants and application materials may be obtained through any Catholic elementary or secondary school in the Diocese of Peoria.

Families of students currently receiving grants are reminded that all grants are for one year only and anyone seeking to renew a grant for next year must reapply. Grant information for the 2022 – 2023 school year will be posted in late November on the Catholic Diocese of Peoria website ( as well as our website.  Deadline for filing will be announced.


General Information


Measurement of Academic Progress (MAPS)

As stated in previous emails, the Iowa Test to Basic Skills (ITBS) is no longer being administered. As a Diocese, we instituted assessment tool called the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). The MAPS assessments are given three (3) times per year measuring student academic growth; Fall, Winter (January) and Spring.

The information that is now available to us will provide parents and teachers clear and definitive resources to help each student. We are very excited in implementing this program.

Halloween Parties

I would like to thank all of the parents and families that contributed to our Halloween parade and parties.  The costumes were great.

We are preparing for Advent and as such have an Advent wreath ceremony planned for each Monday beginning on Monday, December 6 in our gym. It will begin immediately after prayer and announcements at 7:45 a. m.

Our Parent/Teacher Conferences were a tremendous success.  I encourage all parents to stay actively involved with their children and the school. Always check with OptionC as this is your first move in keeping up to date with grades, assignments, etc. If you have any questions or concerns please use the CHAIN OF COMMAND rule: Contact the teacher first.

OPEN DOOR POLICY – Our teachers, staff, Father Matt and I are diligently working to improve our Parish and School on a number of levels.  We are constantly evaluating protocol, policy and practices.  Two of those goals are very important to us;                  1. Communication with our parents and parishioners and; 2. Build levels of trust that guarantees student success through everyone’s support.

With those goals stated, I strongly encourage you to communicate with us.  Call our office at 274 – 2994 with your questions and concerns. We continually work for positive educational and spiritual outcomes. And finally, as principal, MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN!  I encourage you to call me with your questions and/or concerns.

I certainly appreciate all of the support we receive on a day to day basis.  Your efforts and time are to be commended. We must show unity with ‘One Voice’ to promote St. Edward Catholic School and Parish on all levels.  Together we will grow both educationally and spiritually.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.


Take care and may God Bless you and your family,

Mike Domico


St. Edward Catholic School