Good morning to all Jaguar families!

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend. I have a request and several reminders:

1. Our students have been asked to make paper ornaments for our Christmas trees in the church. Have fun! Have the kids bring them in and we will collect them. There is no limit. Make as many as you want.

2. I sent an email with details outlining our Christmas program. Please review that information.

3. A huge congratulations is in order. Our families donated over 500 canned food items. This project was sponsored by our Student Council. The food will be used for our Parish Christmas Basket program going on today. Our incentive was that for every 100 items we would have a school wide dress down day. So, we will have 5 dress down days leading us into our Christmas break.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week will be dress down days. Wednesday will be a unform day since it is our All School Mass day. Monday of the following week will be the final dress down day. Please note: Boots, tights, and hats are not allowed. They may wear uniforms if they wish. Make sure they dress appropriately for the weather.

4. Colds, flu, strep throat and COVID is on a very rapid rise. We have been very fortunate as our school in total has been spared classroom and/or school quarantining. Keep up the great work. Keep communicating with us. Signs and symptoms related to any illness at this point are headaches, fever, soar throat and upset stomach. If any of these signs occur, please do not send your child to school., Students must be fever free for 24 hours without medication to be able to return. The kids have been doing a great job wearing masks. That has really helped.

Take care and God Bless!

Mr. Domico